Intuitive and versatile scientific data visualization and analysis


Visualization and Analytics

Vortex is an interactive data visualization and analysis solution for scientific decision support. Building on and extending the spreadsheet paradigm, it provides the data manipulation, statistical analysis and sophisticated plotting capabilities required to explore and understand any complexity and size of data. Vortex is also scientifically aware providing native cheminformatics and bioinformatics analysis and visualizations.



icon What it does

  • Allows users to understand, refine and select from large and/or complex data sets
  • Allows teams to collaborate on scientific analysis through shareable workspaces and reusable templates
  • Understands numeric, textual, image, chemical structure and biologic sequence data
  • Generates high performance, interactive visualizations, including charts and tables
  • Handles very large datasets – e.g. tables of millions of compounds by thousands of descriptors or cells containing whole genome sequences
  • Has inbuilt data mining, statistical, cheminformatics and bioinformatics analysis functions
  • Loads data from many types of file or when used in conjunction with Browser, directly from databases

icon Benefits

  • Performant – allows highly responsive interaction and manipulation of complex representations of massive datasets
  • Scientific – native chemistry and bioinformatics data types and analyses
  • Integrated – transfer data sets directly from Browser searches, and return selected items to new Browser hitlists for further processing
  • Collaborative – save templates for standardized team templates. Share workspaces for shared team analysis and decision making
  • Open – scriptable API for application extension and integration of third party analytics

icon Key features

  • Imports data from flat files, spreadsheets and CSV formats; chemistry from SDfiles or SMILES; and sequences from FASTA or FASTQ
  • Imports data directly from databases, including Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL; and links to Browser to import from corporate databases
  • Interactive, high performance tables that can be colored, sorted and filtered by text, numeric or structural criteria
  • Many generic and scientific plots include, line, scatter (2D or 3D), surface, radar, profile etc.
  • Many generic and scientific charts include bar, pie, plate viewer, heat maps, 2D SAR, CIRCOS plots etc.
  • Cheminformatics analyses including R-group, enumeration, SAR, matched molecular pairs…
  • Bioinformatics analyses including fast sequence alignment, sequence clustering,
  • Exports directly to PowerPoint
  • Scriptable with Python to create new plots and analyses or to integrate third party calculators: a script exchange provides many examples and third party wrappers
  • Runs on Windows, Linux and Apple Mac operating systems