Studies Notebook

Studies Notebook

A web-based Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) for all scientists


Dotmatics Studies Notebook is an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) with flexible templating to capture, store and search experiments from all scientific disciplines.


What it does

  • Dotmatics Studies Notebook allows scientists to capture and store their experiments in a form that is easily searchable by all team members. It allows organizations to secure and audit IP and define signing workflows
  • Flexible templates allow the single ELN to accommodate highly structured experiments such as synthetic chemistry as well as much more ad hoc experiment types often useful for biology experiments, and to support a transition from paper based notebooks
  • Dotmatics Studies Notebook allows for collaboration on experiments by multiple scientists within or between organizations



  • Simple – Single intuitive framework accommodates all experiment types
  • Flexible – Templates that define experiment types can range from highly structured forms to be filled in, to collections of drag-and-drop files
  • Scientific – Captures scientific data types (and associated files) including molecules, reactions, sequences, images, videos as well as text and numeric
  • Intelligent – Sophisticated dashboards and navigation of experiments and notebooks to quickly find relevant information and to understand organizational performance
  • Integrated –
    • Create experiments directly from a Dotmatics Cascade request
    • Register experimental results directly into chemical (Register)
      or biological (Bioregister) registration applications
    • Search data, optionally federated with data from other Dotmatics or third party databases, in Dotmatics Browser
    • Accessible – Web-based for easy deployment with no client install. Hosted on-premise or in the cloud. Browser-agnostic and available on mobile devices
  • Collaborative – Cloud-hosted deployments support external collaborations, with experiments transferable between partners


Key Features

  • Notebook framework (applies to all experiment types)
    • Templates define different experiment types
    • Data secured in database and fully audited
    • Signing and countersigning workflow with notifications
    • Encrypted PDF captured and stored on completion of experiments
    • Experiment transfer between scientists for collaboration
    • Fully searchable
    • Navigation by notebook, experiment dashboards and experiment hierarchies
    • Connection to Dotmatics SDMS system allows documents/data from remote machines/instruments to be added to notebook sections
    • Clone new experiments from previous
  • Ad-hoc notebook 
    • Capture unique studies without having to create a new template each time
    • Drag-and-drop files directly into the notebook including office documents, PDFs, chemistry files (SD files, SMILES), sequence files (FASTA, FASTQ), images, and videos
    • Data from files (e.g. xls, molecules, sequences) parsed into database for powerful searching
    • In-line text and chart sections can be added at any time
  • Synthetic chemistry template
    • Enter reactions by drawing using Dotmatics Elemental or most third party drawing tools, lookup from a reaction from a previous experiment, or from a reaction database such as Reaxys (requires Reaxys license)
    • Enter or look up reagents
    • Stoichiometry table-auto-calculations and auto-naming of molecules
    • Reaction products can be registered directly from the notebook page and samples added to Inventory
    • Write up with autotext for reagents/products/solvents etc.
    • Capture of QC data and files
    • Fully searchable reaction schemes
    We have found the flexibility and ease of use of the Dotmatics tools to be perfectly aligned with our project team’s needs, providing us with a unified platform from which to efficiently manage scientific dataIRBM

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