Chemical registration and reagent management system


Dotmatics Register is a web-based compound and batch registration system used to maintain corporate chemical registration and reagent databases.


What it does

  • Captures chemical structure and associated data for newly synthesized or acquired compounds
  • Determines uniqueness and assigns new corporate IDs and/or new batch/lot IDs
  • Allows for single compound or batch registration
  • Allows registration from its own UI or from an ELN (Dotmatics or third party)



  • Accessible – web-based for easy deployment with no client install. On-premise or in-the-cloud
  • Integrated – seamless integration with other Dotmatics applications such as Studies Notebook to allow registration directly , and Browser to support common laboratory workflows
  • Collaborative – cloud-hosted instance supports external collaborations with a single registration system to provide a single source of corporate IP
  • Configurable – easily configured tomatch corporate workflows, corporate identifier formats, salts and batches, and corporate registration input forms
  • Open – web service APIs to allow registration from third party software (e.g. ELN); configurable to use Dotmatics Pinpoint cartridge or third party chemical cartridges; chemical structure input via Dotmatics Elemental or third party sketchers (e.g. ChemDraw, BIOVIA Draw, Marvin, MarvinJS)


Key Features

  • Build and maintain corporate registry and reagent databases
  • Configurable registration forms, database fields and corporate identifier formats
  • Establish corporate standards such as salt definitions
  • Single and multiple batch registration
  • Structure validation and correction
  • Duplicate detection via InChI
  • Web service APIs to allow registration from third party applications such as an ELN
  • Configurable to use industry standard drawing tools
  • Configurable to use third party chemical cartridges
  • Two-way integration with Dotmatics Studies Notebook to register directly from a medicinal chemistry experiment
  • Two-way integration with Dotmatics Inventory to record samples and amounts on registration of a new batch
  • Optional registrar workflow 
We use Dotmatics Register as our corporate repository. We upload compounds directly from Dotmatics Studies Notebook and we also upload compounds in bulk via SD files. The system is simple to use, reliable, secure and fast. We like the searching facilities that enable us to run snapshot reports at any given time. It saves us large amounts of efforts and time.Head of R&D, Pharmaceutical company, Germany.

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