Scientific Visualization and Cheminformatics Analysis for Small Molecule Project Data

Blueprint is a web-based visualization and scientific analytics application. It is designed to help project scientists working on small molecule discovery projects to visualize and analyze their data, and to help them to design their next set of compounds to make.


What it does

  • Simple guided web user interface designed for bench scientists who are not data analysis experts and may not spend all day, every day in data analysis tools 

  • Interactive visualization of scientific data with charts, tables and grids designed to explore molecular datasets  

  • A carefully curated set of the more important workflows for chemistry calculations and cheminformatics analytics to understand SAR data sets 

  • Enables communication through shared workspaces 

  • Seamless integration to the Dotmatics suite 

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  • Accessible – Easy to use web-based interface with no client install 

  • Performant – Very high-performance rendering of large sets of chemical structures and associated data in tables, grids and charts within a webpage 

  • Collaborative – Share analysis, data sets or templates with colleagues or in team meetings for shared real-time decision making 

  • Intuitive – Wizard driven guides for creating views and performing analyses 

  • Integrated – Seamless workflows to analyze data that result from Browser searches, or libraries generated in Reaction Workflows 


Key Features

  • Load datasets from Browser or from files (SD, SMILES) 

  • Visualize structures in interactive tables, grids, matrices 

  • Visualize data as scatter plots, bar charts, line charts or pie charts 

  • Calculate molecular properties, ligand profiles, ligand efficiencies 

  • Refine datasets by filtering on structure and/or properties 

  • Perform R-group and matched molecular pairs analysis 

  • Generate program metrics 

  • Share workspaces, datasets and analyses 

  • Send selections to Browser, Vortex 

  • Export results to files 

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