Industry Event

UK-QSAR Autumn 2022 Meeting

November 8, 2022
Francis Crick Institute

The Autumn UKQSAR & Cheminformatics Society Meeting will be held at the Francis Crick Institute, London, on Tuesday 8th November 2022.

Dotmatics will be presenting a poster, "Adventures in AI".

The meeting is organised and hosted jointly by MSD and Cresset, and is free.  Registration closes on Friday 28th October.

Featured Speakers
Dan Ormsby

Dan Ormsby, Ph.D., is the Director Science & Technology at Dotmatics. Dan works with client informatics and IT departments to maximize the value of research data generated by chemistry and biology teams by assisting in deployments of the Dotmatics software suite, including integrations with 3rd party systems. His customer facing consulting role requires him to travel extensively and he enjoys collaborating with globally diverse teams. Dan has contributed to many parts of the Dotmatics software and originally implemented the chemistry analysis techniques found in Vortex including super-structure searching, matched-pair analysis, chemical property calculation and clustering. Dan has over 25 years of experience in applying computational chemistry approaches to drug discovery and materials chemistry projects at Dotmatics, BIOVIA, GSK, BP and Imperial College London. He has been awarded a PhD, MSc and BSc in Chemistry from the University of Leeds. Dan is the primary author of a number of scientific algorithms in the Dotmatics platform including the latest Chemistry AI technology, available now in Vortex.

Event Details
9am BST
Francis Crick Institute