Future Labs Live 2022

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June 7 - 8
9am – 7:30pm CEST
Congress Center Basel, Switzerland

Future Labs Live 2022

This is the world’s most diverse, stimulating, and exciting event for the future of all labs. Start-ups and disruptors will meet lab heads and lab techs, together with the tech & practice innovators.

June 8 | 13:30 | From instruments to insights: end-to-end data management solution for R&D

  • Enable data access from instruments with BioBright

  • Consume instrument data in Browser / Studies Notebook

  • Perform AI and visual analytics in Vortex

Meet Us

Speakers and Panelists

Dan Ormsby

Dan works with client informatics and IT departments to maximize the value of research data generated by chemistry and biology teams by assisting in deployments of the Dotmatics software suite, including integrations with 3rd party systems. His customer facing consulting role requires him to travel extensively and he enjoys collaborating with globally diverse teams.