The Benefits and Implementation of an Electronic Lab Notebook

May 10, 2023
10:00am – 11:00am CST

Whether you're a lab manager or researcher, this webinar is for you if you're looking to optimize your data management and analysis, reduce error rates, and improve collaboration within your team.

From Paper to Pixels: The Benefits and Implementation of an Electronic Lab Notebook

Join us for a webinar on transitioning to an electronic lab notebook (ELN) to revolutionize your lab's research processes with increased efficiency, maximized accuracy, and improved accessibility of data.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Current market trends driving the need for lab digitization

  • What to look for when selecting an ELN that caters to the diversity of your business

  • How to successfully implement an ELN and integrate it into your workflows

  • Benefits of using an ELN for increased efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility of data

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Speakers and Panelists

Alister Campbell, Dotmatics

Vice President, Global Head of Science & Technology
Alister is the head of the rapidly growing global application science team. The application science team provides end to end pre-sales to post-sales support for the full Dotmatics suite of tools including software installation, Oracle database and application configuration and consultancy/professional services.

Riannon Hambleton, Charles River Laboratories

Director Business Technology Partnership for Discovery
Riannon has spent much of her time at CRL focused on rolling out our ELN solution with Dotmatics and RockStep, retiring legacy applications and processes and bringing our scientists together with global solutions. The ultimate goal is to support our clients in discovery life changing drugs as quickly as possible! Riannon lives in New Hampshire with her family.