‘Ship-Shape’ Management of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Stock and Shipments at Debiopharm

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Debiopharm has a clear goal—Deliver new therapies to patients faster.

But the path to success is often complicated. Many obstacles can stand in the way. Endless data. Disconnected teams. No centralized research platform. It can be challenging enough to manage internal processes, let alone truly leverage people and knowledge to drive innovation.

To address these challenges, Debiopharm worked with Dotmatics to adopt several solutions and implement a centralized research-data platform that helped:

Unite data – API, project, and experimental data from all sites and CROs instantly accessible
Streamline workflows – Ability to search prior work, clone experiments, and share results
Improve decision-making – Easier collaboration and reliable data to guide projects

Details of this company-wide implementation can be found in the case study, Dotmatics as a Disruptive Technology at Debiopharm. In this case study, Jean Richardson (IT Scientist at Debiopharm) shares a closer look at how Debiopharm got a better handle of their API stock and shipment process with the help of Dotmatics.

Download our new case study to continue reading how Dotmatics has helped Debiopharm to streamline it’s API stock and Shipment.

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