Epsilon Molecular Engineering Implements Dotmatics to Streamline Drug Discovery Process

Epsilon Molecular Engineering (EME) Inc. is an evolutionary molecular engineering based biopharmaceutical drug discovery company. EME was established in 2016 as a venture company from Saitama University in Japan, and has proprietary technologies, unique cDNA display libraries of the heavy chain single domain antibodies (VHH) and cyclic peptides with large diversity (10^13-14), and high-throughput screening methods using next-generation sequence, FACS and Machine learning (Bioinformatics).

EME is currently conducting several joint research projects, including COVID-19, and 17 ongoing in-house projects in the areas of cancer, inflammation, and Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

Last year, EME implemented Dotmatics Bioregister, which can manage multiple modalities such as small molecule antibodies, for the purpose of building an in-house antibody database, and also implemented Vortex and Studies to improve the efficiency of the research process.

This video includes the introduction to their cDNA display screening, why they adopted Dotmatics, and how they succeeded in implementing Dotmatics in a short period of time.