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Implement an Efficient and Streamlined Data Management Policy

While instrumentation integration is important it can come at a cost for companies who don’t also focus on data growth and management. So many companies are filling their instruments up with data and deleting it due to retention policies. Our software can handle complex workflows and instrument integration, so you no longer have “dark data” due to lack of a data management policy.

Increase Test Article Accuracy and Turnaround

Collating data reports can be a manual and cumbersome task. Dotmatics allows for automated data reporting that reduces risk of data accuracy and speeds up data delivery, reducing the chaos around managing and delivering customer data. The data management capabilities in the Dotmatics platform allow you to increase your test article turnaround for clients and deliver more accurate data set to speed up their research.

Data Security to Support Data Handling for CROs

Innovation hinges upon collaboration. Therefore, researchers both within an organization and at its partner locations need to be able to share data in real-time, without compromising security or confidentiality. This requires safeguards both behind the scenes and within the user-facing aspects of the platform. Companies may want the choice of on-site hosting with their own security schemes or a dedicated cloud instance.

Streamline Discovery with an Industry-leading Data Management Platform

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Data Access

Open file format ensures that data can be captured and integrated across your entire informatics platform.

Data Visualization

Filter and visualize your data to enable your users to make faster, and better decisions.

Data Security

Share data in real-time without compromising security or confidentiality.

Complex Workflow Compatible

Customize your workflow using flexible software and save countless hours trying to accommodate complex workflows with software that doesn't integrate well.

Scalable Software for the Future

The Dotmatics platform is designed to handle the wide variety of biologics research as it is defined by the customer to support your current and future research needs.

Best in Breed Applications

Scientists can keep using the software tools they know and love, like Geneious Prime, SnapGene, Protein Metrics and Prism.

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