Enterprise Lab Inventory Management Software

Track Samples and Instruments
Throughout R&D Workflows

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lab inventory management management system
intelligent assay data management

Automate Experiment Flow

Program experiments to automatically use first-available compounds, so you can focus on science, not software.

Fully Integrated Data

Leverage inventory data throughout any R&D workflow. Check stock inventory in the ELN, capture sample information directly upon registration, and provide samples directly into screening experiments.

Enable Experiment Collaboration

Maintain a single lab inventory management system accessible both internally and across partners in a collaborative research network.

Intelligent Inventory Management: Capture, Track, Search and Report Inventory Information

 intelligent data management solutions for scientists

R&D Resource Management

Locate and track many laboratory resources including samples, reagents, plates, consumables and equipment.

Accessible and Shareable Information

Enable quick access and external collaboration throughout any workflow with a web-based interface and cloud-hosted deployments.

Intelligent Sample Distribution

Manage the aliquoting and dispensing workflows to distribute samples for testing.

Connected Lab Equipment Management Software

Define a hierarchy of equipment and sample storage locations.

Track Samples

Locate and track samples in containers such as bottles and plates in those storage locations.

Inventory Reporting

Searching and report on inventory information alongside other corporate data.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

Access a full audit trail of location, date and quantity information.

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