What's New in Dotmatics Platform Version 6.1


Dotmatics today made available its Platform version 6.1 which introduces improvements to the user experience, adds several key new features for customers around data discovery and ELN, and offers integrations with other Dotmatics scientific applications. Here are some of the update details:

  • New Inventory Module: a completely redesigned Inventory Module offers a modernized and more efficient experience to users. It has a new easy-to-use design for capturing inventory data and new features including among other things: easy-to-set-up hierarchies and relationships, custom location and container types, connections to registered samples, and guided workflows. The inventory module is integrated out-of-the-box with the ELN, Data Discovery, Chemical Registration, and Biological Registration Modules.

  • New ELN Features and Enhancements: we’ve implemented a modern and simple ELN Form Building experience and made it more responsive to whatever device or form factor you’re using.  We’ve added self-signing and countersigning workflows for experiments, to streamline experiment completion to match the varying needs of organizations. Enhancements in PDF readability and configuration accelerate research by removing bottlenecks to experiment completion. 

  • Data Discovery Features and Integrations: Users now will enjoy seamless exploration and query of multi-step chemical reaction data from Browser, can export large data sets from an entire project without performance compromises, and will find richer visualization in Workspaces (formerly Blueprint). Users will also be better enabled to see and share additional insights related to small molecule experiments.

  • Integrations: We know how important it is for our customers to have data that adheres to the principles of FAIR. With 6.1, you can now create and utilize FAIR data as you seamlessly exchange biological sequence data between the Platform and some of the best bioinformatics tools in the industry owned by Dotmatics. You can now perform a bidirectional search for Bioregister sequences from Geneious Prime and SnapGene. In addition, we’ve introduced the ability to register antibodies and antibody sequences into Bioregister from Geneious Biologics.

Learn more about what's new in version 6.1 and in other Dotmatics solutions.

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