The New Dotmatics Solution for Flow Cytometry Reimagines Flow Cytometry Software 

CYTO Flow Cytometry 2022

We have created the world’s most powerful Flow Cytometry solution to enable dynamic, multi-dimensional decision making. Our solution provides more capability, more complete workflows to take flow cytometry to the next level. Together, with our scientific community of flow cytometry users, we accelerate scientific innovation to make the world a healthier, cleaner, and safer place to be.  

 The Dotmatics Flow Cytometry solution brings together three world class flow cytometry platforms - OMIQ, Cytapex and FCS Express. Through the power of the three combined solutions, we are bridging classic manual analysis with high dimensional analysis, machine learning and auto-gating. You can now perform classic flow cytometry analysis that is not only quick and powerful, but also meets enterprise needs of automation, robust data management and clinical validation standards. 

 Experience the future of flow cytometry software:  

  • Flexibility between a web-based analysis tool and a desktop application 

  • Seamless multi-user collaboration and data sharing  

  • Clinically validated solution for GxP environments 

  • Bespoke analytical solutions catered to your specific flow cytometry analysis needs  

  • Data integration with all major data input types and files  

  • Works out of the box with configuration support as needed  

Visit the product websites to find out more and sign up for your free trial:  

OMIQ – Modern cytometry analysis platform that enables high throughput analysis in a simple to use web-based application. The backbone of OMIQ is reproducible analysis workflows that makes moving data between multiple software packages, and collaboration – seamlessly.   

FCS Express – Desktop native and clinically validated software package that has a familiar UI that is modeled after Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint interfaces.   

CytapexBespoke analytical solution that enhances your current cytometry analysis, including automated gating, automated data quality checking, and biomarker discovery   



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