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Your scientists know what data is needed to advance research. Break down silos of information and give them the power to access it, share it, and trust it. This is how to accelerate the transformation of knowledge into beneficial innovations that improve humanity.

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We believe science, data, and decision-making must be deeply intertwined so innovation can thrive.

The Dotmatics digital science platform provides the first true end-to-end solution for scientific R&D, combining an enterprise data platform with the most widely used applications for data analysis, biologics, flow cytometry, chemicals innovation, and more.

By providing powerful ways to gather, understand, use, and share research data across teams and experiments in your organization, your scientists can move faster and be more accurate.

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Get the Best Insights From the Most Comprehensive Data

Discover the power of unifying best-of-breed software applications on an enterprise data platform. This is the future of collaboration, automation and analysis in science.



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Explore Featured Capabilities for End-to-End Scientific Process Automation and Workflow Management

Assay Data Management

Fully automate acquiring and processing instrument data, wherever it is located.

Electronic Lab

A flexible and intelligent digital tool to easily capture and search all of your data.

Entity Registration

Discovery comprehensive provenances tracking and associated data management.

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Serving Researchers at the Core of Scientific and Technical Innovation

“The Dotmatics group invested in our patient-first company vision immediately and we understood that our collaboration would immediately yield better science and discovery.”

Michael DiGruccio

M6P Therapeutics

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