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Powerful web-based search and reporting

Dotmatics Browser is a powerful web-based search and reporting solution that provides federated searching across Dotmatics and third party research databases, enabling research scientists to access all of their data whenever they need it, irrespective of where it is stored.



icon What it does

  • Integrates chemical, biological, assay, notebook and other research databases to provide a single federated search and browse capability
  • Provides scientific search, such as chemical substructure and similarity
  • Manages project level and personal search forms and views, queries, lists and reports
  •  Powerful scientific data visualization as forms, tables and charts

icon Benefits

  • Accessible – Web-based for easy deployment with no client install. On-premise or in the cloud
  • Federated search across Dotmatics and third party data sources
  • Send results directly to Dotmatics Vortex and return a new Browser hitlist with a Vortex selection
  • Send results to Microsoft Office applications using Dotmatics for Office
  • Use Dotmatics Browser hit lists directly in Dotmatics Cascade to request a service on those hits
  • Performance – optimize data sources to ensure responsive search
  • Collaborative – cloud-hosted instance supports external collaborations with a searchable scientific data store
  • Configurable – easily configured to create new search and browse forms and views using drag and drop design tools
  • Chemical search on Dotmatics Pinpoint cartridge or databases indexed with third party cartridges
  • Chemical structure queries input using Dotmatics Elemental and other popular chemical sketchers
  • Webservice APIs to access searches and results directly from other applications

icon Key features

  • Data sources define and optimize access to Dotmatics and third party databases with optional chemistry in Dotmatics or third party cartridges
  • Dotmatics Elemental chemical sketcher embedded in Dotmatics Browser, or use any commercial chemical drawing tools
  • Very high performance for querying and browsing irrespective of the size of the underlying databases
  • Form-based querying and browsing – project-level and user level forms designed using drag and drop
  • Clone forms to reuse and make simple modifications
  • Project-level and user-level queries and lists – simple sharing of queries and results. Boolean query logic
  • Schedule queries and alert email for project updates
  • Table and chart-based browsing
  • Automatically calculate physical properties of molecules: ClogP, TPSA, MW, H-bond donor/acceptors etc.\
  • Pivot data on the fly
  • Export data into SD files, CSV or Microsoft Office using Dotmatics for Office
  • Send data to Dotmatics Vortex for analysis, and receive Dotmatics Vortex selections as a new hitlist