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Dan Ormsby Contributes to ‘An AI Revolution’

Thursday, Sep 30 2021 By Dan Ormsby


An AI Revolution

Sept 2021 | Robert Roe finds that the use of AI is driving new areas of research and increasing the competitiveness of early adopters

“Generating and transforming data to be AI-ready is just one step in the process.  Applying domain knowledge to data allows the algorithms to only focus on important features in your data, increasing the chance of meaningful and interpretable results.
I’ve started my feature engineering work by focusing on small molecule drug discovery, such as lead optimization. Dotmatics has many customers with workflows in that area, so you can imagine the level of domain knowledge we can help each to bring to their data”

Dan Ormsby PhD, Principal Consultant at Dotmatics


About the author: Dan Ormsby

Dan works with client informatics and IT departments to maximize the value of research data generated by chemistry and biology teams by assisting in deployments of the Dotmatics software suite, including integrations with 3rd party systems. His customer facing consulting role requires him to travel extensively and he enjoys collaborating with globally diverse teams.