Dotmatics Solution for Laboratory Informatics


Dotmatics' laboratory informatics solution allows research scientists to capture their experiments, entities, samples and tests – whether those experiments focus on small molecules and/or biologics in drug discovery, fine chemicals and agrochemicals, formulations for consumer packaged goods, foods, beverages or fragrances. The solution provides fully integrated workflows for each scientist and supports cross-team requesting and project management for efficient execution of research processes.


Scientific Data Capture

Scientists plan and record experiments in the Studies Notebook with templates configured to each experiment type. These can be highly structured, for example to capture a synthetic or medicinal chemistry experiment, or much more ad hoc with a scientist able to capture files such as  spreadsheets, documents, images and video to assemble a notebook page. An SDMS (Scientific Data Management System) capabilities allows files from remote instruments to be uploaded to the server for easy consumption with notebook pages. Entities created in the experiments, such as molecules or biologics, can then be submitted directly to entity registration (Register or Bioregister where uniqueness is checked and identifiers assigned, and then the associated samples, containers and locations are captured in Inventory. Samples can then be prepared for test (e.g. dispensed to plates) and the assay results captured in Studies. As data is captured it is immediately searchable through Browser.


Workflow and Requesting

For an individual scientist, the applications are integrated to provide a seamless user experience. A synthetic chemist, for example, after entering a chemical synthesis in the ELN, can automatically send the reaction product(s) to registration (Register) and the resulting samples to Inventory directly from the ELN interface.  Experiments and assay analyses can also be transferred from one scientist to another.

Cascade facilitates the workflow between scientific teams and service groups.  For example a chemist can request an assay or analytical services to be performed on a set of molecules. For the service team, Cascade allows requests to be cumulated into experiments and assigned to a scientist to perform them; and at all times, teams can check the status of their requests.



Project Management and Monitoring

The Dotmatics solution provides dashboards and monitoring capabilities to allow project managers to see the real-time progress of work across their project. This is particularly important when managing distributed projects across multiple sites and/or partners. Management views show when experiments are open and closed, when requests are created, accepted and completed, and can be searched by scientist, by group or by CRO.



Dotmatics provides an end-to-end laboratory informatics solution. In cases where customers already have parts of the solution in place, Dotmatics can be integrated into a mixed vendor environment. The applications provide RESTful APIs that allow Dotmatics applications to consume service (e.g submit a molecule from Studies Notebook direct to a third party chemical registration system) or to provide a service (e.g. provide a biological registration background service to be called directly from third party Biologics ELN user interface).



Dotmatics software is designed for collaboration between scientific teams within an organization or, when cloud hosted, across a collaborative research network of pharmas, biotechs, CROs and academic labs. Scientific data can be shared in real time, event feeds and dashboards show up-to-date project status and collaboration and communication tools facilitate interaction between distributed teams.

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