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To make informed decisions about their research projects, innovation scientists must be able to:

  • quickly and easily gather and curate all the relevant scientific data from within their organization and outside
  • visualize and apply analytics to understand the information within the data
  • design or select the materials, formulations, compounds or molecules to make and test next
  • work with their teams in-house or collaborators to make the project progression decisions

Dotmatics technology enables scientists to explore the unique value they bring to each innovation project and allows technologists to apply previously acquired knowledge rather than repeat unsuccessful approaches. 


Dotmatics partners in specialty chemicals groups are formulating new sustainable applications to increase the life of products and so reduce the impact on our dwindling resources. Personal care / flavours and fragrances scientists seek improved efficacy of active ingredients while minimizing the use of preservatives to produce near-natural products. Oil and gas customers are developing processes which remove harmful by-products to deliver cleaner fuels. Performance coatings R&D teams are devising longer-lasting paints and protective coatings to ensure increased sustainability.

Across this broad range of research applications, Chemicals & Materials customers face common challenges:

  • the need to increase efficiencies of process to accelerate time to market  
  • the need to enhance innovation through knowledge discovery across the entire research organization  

The Dotmatics Platform, scalable to all areas in large research organizations, directly addresses these challenges by enabling digitalization, standardization of data, searchability and usability. 


The Dotmatics implementation team have worked with many companies in transitioning research groups from paper-based / file-share systems to integrated scientific informatics workflows.

Using the Dotmatics Platform, clients working on innovative products in Chemicals & Materials have transformed themselves for an increasingly competitive era. They are already benefiting from data-driven workflows which allow Innovation Teams to execute on fast-paced projects across geographic areas by accessing all their scientific data in real-time. Furthermore, the organizations have adapted and integrated with third party applications through the Dotmatics Platform unified software architecture’s capability to integrate via APIs...Learn More.

Integrated Workflows

Chemicals & Materials product innovation workflows are complex, iterative and require multiple handoffs between scientific and manufacturing teams within an organization or collaborators. Dotmatics provides a comprehensive solution which can map to all stages of an innovation workflow, such as the formulation workflow shown.

Dotmatics capabilities including electronic lab notebook for synthesis, analytical & formulation, registration, inventory management, test data management, work request systems, federated search and visual data analytics can be leveraged within workflows...Learn More.


Scientists plan and record experiments in Dotmatics Studies Notebook with templates configured to each experiment type. These can be highly structured, for example to capture the synthetic route of an active ingredient, or much more ad hoc performance-related experiments. Scientist are able to capture files such as spreadsheets, documents, images and video to assemble a notebook page.

An SDMS (Scientific Data Management System) allows files from remote instruments to be uploaded to the server for easy consumption within Dotmatics Studies Notebook pages...Learn More.


Decision Support

Using Dotmatics Browser within the Dotmatics Platform, scientists break down data silos by aggregating searches across in-house & external databases into single searchable project views. Structure-searching capability across multiple projects allows teams to re-apply corporate experience. Easy-to-use analytics tools, such as Dotmatics Vortex, allow project teams to analyze and visualize their data on a common platform for integrated decision-making ultimately giving faster product turn-around.

Customer Experiences

A large fragrances & flavours company has made the transition from a legacy vendor electronic lab notebook which had reached end of life and was no-longer scalable nor appropriate for a global collaborative environment. Researchers are now able to share data across projects in real time enabling rapid, informed decision-making.

A major chemicals company moved from a diverse departmental system of both paper and scattered legacy digital systems. The move from error-prone paper was expected to show increased efficiencies but integrated searchability was the most valued aspect of streamlining their innovation workflow.

A global materials company updated a legacy in-house developed solution which was not maintainable or scalable for modern data management. The Dotmatics implementation team advised on a Cloud-hosting strategy for deploying software and best practice for structured data capture. Dotmatics skill in Change Management helped the organization adopt standardized new systems and workflows to improve their processes.

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