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Merck & DOtmatics - Pharma iQ

Is Digitalization Really the Solution to Your Lab Challenges?

The Pace of Change has Never Been Greater in the Chemical and Materials Industry. Digital transformation is now top of mind for many companies as they seek to create smarter lab environments to drive efficiency and productivity. But is technology really the solution to our lab challenges or have we overlooked a fundamental step? Does R&D digitalization really make life as a scientist better? In this interactive debate, Dr. Mark Goulding, Director, Business Project Lead, Performance Materials and Early Research at Merck and Max Petersen, AVP of Chemicals and Materials Marketing at Dotmatics, will each present their case for the future of the lab.
Dotmatics 5.4 Logo

What's New in Dotmatics 5.4

Find out more about recent development with a practical demonstration of increased functionality and features. A detailed look at Dotmatics Screening Ultra and it’s new capabilities within the existing Dotmatics Studies assay data management application and Dotmatics Browser which allows the ability to Search public and subscription on-line datasources and configure a Browser datasource to a RESTFul API.
Dotmatics for Office

Dotmatics for Office (D4O) - Live Demo

Dotmatics for Office makes Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook become chemically aware. During this webinar you will learn how D4O adds live chemistry to documents, emails, spreadsheets and presentations.  Also, how D4O works with Dotmatics Browser to retrieve chemistry and associated scientific data from databases directly into Microsoft Office applications, and finally, how D4O provides property calculations, searching, enumeration and r-group analysis on the live structures in Excel.

Dotmatics Vortex — Supporting Chemical and Biological Data Analysis and Visualization

This webinar will introduce Dotmatics Vortex through a set of case studies that highlight its importance to understanding your project data and supporting scientific decision making. Vortex is part of Dotmatics integrated suite of informatics solutions to support small molecule and biologics discovery including lab notebooks, chemical and biological registration systems, inventory and assay data management as well as the decision support applications.

What's New in Bioregister 3.0

Biologics discovery continues to evolve at a rapid pace, utilizing scientific breakthroughs and technological advancements to design and develop new and novel biological entities. Join us to learn about new capabilities in the recent release of Dotmatics Bioregister 3.0 to support these advances. New features include enhanced support for non-natural residues, improved relationship definition and tracking between entities, and API extensions to streamline discovery workflows.
Vortex For Bioinformatics

Vortex for Bioinformatics - What's New Webinar

Learn the latest developments with Vortex, which are focused on supporting biologics discovery. New features include sequence edit mode, richer sequence annotations, search and browse for sequence annotations, antibody CDR numbering schemes, and CDR alignment, amongst others.
What's New in 5.2 Webinar

What's New in Dotmatics 5.2

 join our expert team to find out what’s new and how this can benefit your organisation.  Join our presenters Rob Brown, PhD, VP Product Marketing and Alister Campbell, Head of Application Science to learn more and view a demonstration.

BioIT Hosted Webinar: Integrated Informatics for Biologics Discovery

Join Robert Brown, Ph.D., Vice President, Product Marketing, Dotmatics and Rob Eagle, Principal Application Scientist, Dotmatics for a presentation looking at the challenge of supporting biologics discovery and current solutions.
Webinar - Introducing Dotmatics' D40

Introducing Dotmatics' D40

D40 brings live chemistry to Microsoft™ Office, making applications such as Excel®, PowerPoint®, Word and Outlook® chemically aware. Join our presenter Rob Brown,  PhD , VP Product Marketing to learn more and view a demonstration.
Dotmatics 5.1

What’s New in Dotmatics 5.1

As we release our latest version, join our expert team to find out what’s new and how this can benefit your organisation. Join our presenter Rob Brown,  PhD, VP Product Marketing to learn more and view a demonstration.

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