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Future Lab Splash

Integrating Lab Data Automation and Scientific Informatics Platforms to Facilitate Data-Centric Research

2020 Pharma-IQ Future Laboratory Informatics Forum An industry focused discussion on the challenges and opportunities presented by future informatics technologies, and the best-in-industry strategies to implement for effective data management and compliance alongside your laboratory’s digital transformation programmes. Rob Brown, VP Product Marketing, Dotmatics presented  Integrating Lab Data Automation and Scientific Informatics Platforms to Facilitate Data-Centric Research.

R&D Digitalization and Data Intelligence Strategies for Flavors and Fragrances Applications

R&D digitalization has promise to greatly accelerate innovation rates. Especially data analytics and data-driven approaches to supplement traditional lab experimentation are attracting lots of interest. A major obstacle to this vision is the general lack of availability of data in a curated and contextualized form. This is despite many organizations investing into technologies to digitalize experimental data capture and move traditional paper-based lab notebooks to their digital counterparts.
webinar cross functional drug discovery

GEN & Dotmatics | Cross-functional Drug Discovery of Novel Non-natural Entities

A notable trend in the drug discovery industry is the growing diversity of therapeutic entity-types being developed. Applications of recent scientific discoveries have led to a range of novel, non-natural molecules, specifically designed to access disease target locations and binding sites that are challenging for traditional small molecule or natural biologic approaches. The development of these entities typically involves cross-functional teams of chemists and biologists.

Dotmatics Digital 2020 | Chemicals & Materials, Research & Development

Topics Include: R&D Digital Excellence Goals & Challenges.  Data Intelligence Providing  Accelerated Innovation.  Lab Data Automation Enabling R&D Efficiency.  The R&D Digital Landscape.  Presenters: Max Petersen, AVP of Chemicals introduces Dotmatics for Chemicals & Materials R&D Chad Dow, Principal Application Scientist shows example use cases in chemicals and materials R&D

Dotmatics Digital 2020 | Chemicals & Materials - Panel Discussion

A discussion on digitalization in chemicals and materials R&D, chaired by Max Petersen.  Panelists, Dr Joachim Dickhaut, BASF, Peter Rissel, ALTANA and Dr Valentina Woodcraft, DuPont give their perspective on topics including: Digital Strategies, Business Justification, Change Management and IT Considerations.
20/15 Visioneers - Bio Pharma

The Scientific Informatics of Biology in Bio-pharma and Bio-materials

Join Dotmatics' Andrew LeBeau, AVP of Biologics Marketing, for this 20Visioneers15 webinar! Scroll down to webinar 5! The world as a whole is getting to experience the complexity of biology. The truth is we do not know too much about biology today and have vast amounts of information and knowledge to uncover and discover for centuries to come. The variety, the volume, and the relatedness are why you need solid approaches to scientific and research informatics; in other words, your data and knowledge need to be organized, managed, and shareable. This webinar is going to focus on foundational informatics tools needed in biological drug and material discovery today...

Effective Change Management in R&D Organizations is a Prerequisite

Chrisandra Bright, Head of US Services at Dotmatics, participates as a panelist on the 20/15 Visioneer webinar. Effective Change Management in R&D Organizations is a Prerequisite! Too many programs and projects have not met their potential because proper change management was either inadequate or missing. Come hear how Traci Howard has approached highly effective change management and listen to our industry panelists describe lessons learned and success story examples.

Lab Data Automation | Dotmatics Digital | Dotmatics & HighRes Biosolutions

JP introduces Lab Data Automation at Dotmatics and the partner ecosystem in place to augment capabilities. Ira Hoffman gives an overview on the integration project between HighRes Biosolutions and Dotmatics. The goal being to seamlessly connect Dotmatics to Cellario to enable full cycle planning, execution and analysis of experiments across the two systems.

Laying a Foundation for Growth | Dotmatics Digital | Casma Therapeutics

In our second year, Casma Therapeutics is implementing the Dotmatics platform as a key piece of informatics infrastructure. As an early-phase company focused on discovering new molecules to activate autophagy, our needs are quite diverse and rapidly evolving. We’ll discuss our journey so far, plans for the future, and how Dotmatics fits into our overall ecosystem.

Pioneering Proteome-wide Drug Discovery | Dotmatics Digital | Vividion

Vividion in a pre-clinical biotechnology company implementing a cutting-edge chemoproteomics platform coupled with vanguard medicinal chemistry to explore covalent (and non-covalent) inhibition of traditionally undruggable targets. We have implemented Dotmatics as our integrated registration, ELN, data management and visualization solution, enabling rapid deployment and scalability as we grow. This talk will share the history of Vividion, highlighting how Dotmatics played a role in our growth, and discuss recent and future implementations of additional Dotmatics functionality.

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