Sharing documents and project status across a research team

Dotmatics Gateway is a scientific document management solution that serves as a central place to share project documents and associated information across an internal or externalized team. It provides discussion threads and project events feeds.


What it does

  • Stores and shares project documents such as reports, presentations and literature
  • Provides news feeds detailing the latest documents and project results
  • Provides discussion threads associated with documents and project events
  • Complements structured project databases such as the molecule registry or assay results databases




  • Directly linked to Dotmatics Browser projects - molecular structures automatically referenced against corporate IDs highlighted in documents
  • Documents can be displayed alongside structured project data (molecules, assay results) within Dotmatics Browser pages

Accessible – Web-based for easy deployment with no client install. Hosted on-premise or in-the-cloud. Browser-agnostic and available on mobile devices

Collaborative – Cloud-hosted deployments support external collaborations, with documents transferable between partners and with shared discussion threads

Key Features

  • Full text searching of documents
  • Chemical structures automatically linked from corporate IDs within documents
  • Email update notifications
  • Document versioning and archiving
  • Project events newsfeed
  • Discussion threads on documents and news feed events
We have found the Gateway system to be a very effective vehicle for sharing information within project teams and with our partnersBiofocus

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