Cloud computing and storage

Mobile technology offers a unique opportunity to collaborate, access data and make decisions on the go, increasing throughput and reducing time consumed by review processes. The Dotmatics Platform on the cloud allows the integration of multiple, diverse systems and data sources. Organizations can now securely access all of the Dotmatics solutions, using a web browser, on their own dedicated instance running in the cloud. This provides users with an all-encompassing view of relevant information, enabling better informed science and business decisions.

The Dotmatics Platform in the cloud is powered by Amazon Web Services™ (AWS). Data security is guaranteed when using the gold standard AWS infrastructure. Dotmatics’ solutions are installed in Amazon-controlled data centers around the world thus ensuring that data is housed at the user's preferred location.

What it does

The Dotmatics Platform provides a single point of access to all science data and functions across multidisciplinary groups. The flexibility enables scientists, collaborators and partners to instantly interact with the same data via the cloud regardless of location and time zone, fulfilling the promise of real time research.

  • Each customer’s data is held in a separate dedicated instance
  • Access to your instance is controlled by two layers of firewall and user authentication
  • All traffic to/from the instance is HTTPS/SSL encrypted using a 2048-bit GlobalSign certificate
  • All instances run centrally managed Trend Micro anti-virus software

At the heart of collaborative research

  • Dotmatics Cloud in combination with the Dotmatics Platform revolutionizes the way that collaborative research is done
  • Dotmatics’ flexible and comprehensive platform offers secure access to users per project
  • Not just simple file sharing, but true idea generating solutions
  • Internal and external R&D teams across the world can share data and generate new discussions leading to the creation of innovative ideas and IP

Protect and control your database with single tenancy

  • A separate instance of the Dotmatics Platform and its supporting infrastructure is available to each customer, which provides significant capability to easily configure the system to mirror the requirements of each team
  • For example, R&D teams can adapt features such as additions to individual modules to various internal databases and external partner databases

Secure access from users’ preferred device

  • Simply set up new collaborative projects with multiple teams and start sharing data promptly with no extra training required for users with computers or mobile devices
  • Data from collaborators can be accessed in real time by all members of a project, enabling around-the-clock global research
  • The Dotmatics Platform is hosted within the secure and private AWS infrastructure
  • Amazon’s servers are supported by ISO 27001 certification and have successfully passed multiple SAS70 Type II audits


  • Instances are deployed in geographically localized datacenters to ensure low latency
  • CPU, RAM and storage can be altered to suit your requirements – up to 8 CPU, 64Gb RAM and 2Tb storage
  • Performance is remotely monitored from Dotmatics’ offices
  • All application and architecture upgrades are managed by Dotmatics
  • Daily and weekly backups of the cloud are maintained at secure off-site locations
  • Data from the cloud can be replicated back to your site on a scheduled basis

Key Features

  • Deployed on Amazon’s highly available Elastic Compute Cloud architecture
  • Employs robust, industry-leading Windows Server, Apache Tomcat, and Oracle database technologies
Our operation is spread over Europe and the Far East. After much analysis we decided that a Cloud installation was the most appropriate for us. It allows us to access the system from multiple places and from remote locations. Even when our scientists are in the field we can send information to them via our tablets. It is very practical and ensures the smooth running of our communication.Head of Science, Non-Profit Research Organisation, UK

Dotmatics Science Cloud Hosted Platform Enables AstraZeneca Neuroscience Drug Discovery Collaborations

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