Test, Request, and Tracking

Dotmatics Cascade manages the requesting and assignment of laboratory tasks, and tracking the progression of samples, across multiple teams within an organization or across a collaborating network.


What it does

  • Dotmatics Cascade  allows organizations to define available services, such as assay execution or analysis and the associated scientific team
  • Scientists create requests for services and submit compounds
  • Service managers  manage, group and assign requests for execution
  • Service team scientists accept requests, create and autopopulate experiments to execute them
  • Teams can see request status and monitor compound or sample progression



  • Simple – Simplifies the request process
  • Collaborative – Allows for the definition of services within an organization or across external networks
  • Traceable – Formalizes the requesting process making it trackable, auditable and reportable
  • Optimal –  Optimizes utilization of laboratory resources and personnel. Enables organizations to dynamically map their workflow, analysis types and SOPs, available instruments and personnel
  • Transparent –  Request status available to all stakeholders in real-time
  • Accessible – Web-based for easy deployment with no client install. Hosted on-premise or in-the-cloud to support collaborations.
  • Integrated – Seamless integration with other Dotmatics applications such as Studies Notebook ELN and Browser to support common laboratory workflows


Key Features

  • New services, tests, SOPs and resources are easy to create
  • Flexible templates enable mapping of workflow and business practices
  • Supports multiple types of test requests: chemistry, biology, assay, formulations, purification, etc.
  • Simple to create pre-established business rules such as routing and assignment of tests, approvals and email notifications in Dotmatics Cascade
  • Each service can support multiple assays/analyses for single click submission 
  • Web service APIs allow for automation and integration with third party applications
  • Requestor pane dynamically linked to the Dotmatics Studies Notebook (and other Electronic Laboratory Notebooks)
  • Search for samples and create work requests directly from Dotmatics Browser
  • Request a set of analyses around a sample(or samples) in your experiment from Dotmatics Studies Notebook
  • Once tests are performed, analysts can automatically upload results to the requestor's experiment page in the Dotmatics Studies Notebook thus avoiding costly transcription errors

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