D4O (Dotmatics for Office)

Bringing live chemistry to Microsoft™ Office

Dotmatics for Office makes Microsoft™ Office® applications such as Excel®, PowerPoint®, Word, OneNote and Outlook® chemically aware.


What it does

  • Adds live chemistry to documents, emails, spreadsheets and presentations
  • Works with Dotmatics Browser to retrieve chemistry and associated scientific data from databases directly into Microsoft Office applications
  • Provides property calculations, searching, enumeration and r-group analysis on the live structures in Excel



  • Scientific – transforms Excel into a scientific analysis tool and Word and PowerPoint into scientific reporting tools
  • Saves time – three-click report generation compared to hours of manual sketching and data entry
  • Repeatable – reusable templates to create standard Word and PowerPoint team reports populated with the latest data and results
  • Data quality – eliminate cut-and-paste errors and sketching mistakes or duplication
  • Flexible – data can be standalone or connected to your databases
  • Familiar – explore project data-sets with familiar desktop tools


Key Features

  • Upload chemistry from files, or populate directly from databases
  • High performance local searches of chemistry in Excel
  • Property calculations, library enumeration and R-group analysis on structures in Excel
  • Generate datatables in Word
  • Generate slides from a template in PowerPoint
  • Look up structures from corporate IDs directly in an Outlook Email
  • Seamless transfer of structures and data between Office, Dotmatics Browser and Dotmatics Vortex
  • Add structures, generate datatables in OneNote
We have just started to use D4O in combination with Browser. We found that it facilitates the direct extraction of data from our databases into Word and Excel documents making the creation of reports much easier and free of errors.Project Manager, Major Customer Research Organization (CRO), France

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