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Dotmatics Suite 2020.1 Has Been Released

Wednesday, Dec 16 2020 By Rob Brown



Dotmatics Platform 2020.1* is now available and contains major enhancements to Browser, Studies, Studies Notebook and Reaction Workflows.




Browser: New View Wizard, New Table and Chart Views for Chemistry Data 

A project to update the look and feel of Browser has been underway over the last two releases. The aim is to both modernize the user interface and also to harmonize across the suite to provide a consistent experience for users of Browser, the ELN and other web applicationsThe new Browser framework, menus and forms updates were rolled out in version 5.5. In 2020.1 there are two major new UI updates 

  • A new look-and-feel for the view wizard which makes it much easier to select the fieldof interest and then select the view, application or file the data should be sent to. 
  • A new view for any projects that include small molecules and associated data. This features a highly interactive table and linked chart (scatter, bar, line or pie chart), to allow users to quickly visualize all the data associated with a hit list and make selections for follow up. The chart and table controls are the same as those used in the recently released Blueprint product providing a consistent user experience when reviewing data in Browser and then moving the hitlist into Blueprint for more detailed analysis.



BrowserSequence Based Search 

The 2020.1 release includes the capability to perform a sequence alignment search in Browser. The search uses a BLAST-like algorithm that has been available in Vortex for some time and works with both nucleic acid and protein sequencesMore than simply performing pattern-matching on residues, the search algorithm takes into account the physicochemical similarity of residue side chains (using a BLOSUM matrix) at a given sequence position when finding and ranking search results. 

Additional metadata, such as alignment length and score are provided. These metrics can also be used to condition the search. Search results can be exported to be used in other applications. 



Studies: Screening Ultra Enhancements 

Screening Ultra is Dotmatics next generation solution for assay data management designed to support the latest assay science, huge data volumes and advances in lab and data automation. It was first released in 5.5 with support for HTS and dose response assaysand was then expanded in a 5.5 mid-cycle release to add kinetic and multiplex assay types. 

In 2020.1 there are significant enhancements applicable to all assay types including 

  • Expanded options in the data input wizard including the ability to define replicates, define plate maps on the fly and the ability to read sample, concentration and well sample properties directly from raw data files. 
  • Improved data input extending the types of kinetic raw data files that can be loaded.  
  • Improved interaction with in-well plots for kinetic assays. 
  • More plate statistics and increased flexibility in how they are applied. 
  • Enhanced plotting in the analysis and trellis tabs. New views to show multiple results including derived results 
  • Greater flexibility and control over setting default displays when defining an assay protocol 



Studies Notebook: Streamlined Office Document Editing  

In 2020.1 we have introduced a much more streamlined way to edit office documents that are stored in the ELN. Once any office document (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) is loaded into the ad-hoc section of the ELN, it can be opened for editing directly from the ELN entry. All changes to the document are captured back to the ELN each time the document is saved.



Reaction Workflows and Studies Notebook: Enhanced Support for Parallel Synthesis Libraries  

Reaction Workflows allows chemists to design and enumerate libraries. If these are virtual design libraries, they can be sent to Blueprint (via a new Blueprint node in 2020.1) or Vortex for further analysis and filtering 

For libraries planned for synthesis, 2020.1 includes new capabilities to better support the ability to automatically create the experiment(s) in the Studies Notebook that will be needed to synthesize the library. A new parallel synthesis template is included in the default ELN configuration. This handles the array of reactants send from reaction workflows, which can set the reagent group that will be the rate limiting. It also displays each individual reaction. Two way interaction allows for the design to be amended in reaction workflows (e.g. a new reagents added) and the corresponding ELN pages be updated automatically.



New Dotmatics Launcher to Streamline Interaction Between Dotmatics Web Applications and the Desktop 

Dotmatics Launcher is a new utility that can be installed on client desktops to facilitate the launch of desktop applications and their interaction with the Dotmatics web applications. In 2020.1 this is used to launch Dotmatics Vortex, approved third-party chemical sketcher applications including ChemDrawBiovia Draw and Marvin, and Microsoft Office® office documents. Launcher is highly secure, using public key cryptography to sign files and commands and replaces legacy Java Webstart methods. For end-users this provides a much simpler and more seamless interaction as is evidenced by the example shown above editing a word document within the ELN.


How to Obtain this Release 

  • Release notes detailing these and a host of other new capabilities and bug fixes can be downloaded from the support site  
  • Customers who manage their own servers can download the installer from the support site 
  • Customers using Dotmatics cloud hosted systems can schedule their upgrades via their usual support channels


*A word on release numbering: Dotmatics products have previously each had an independent numbering scheme – for example the last two platform releases were 5.4 and 5.5, while the last two Bioregister releases were 3.1 and 3.2. To provide greater consistency, all Dotmatics releases will now follow the same format with a release year and release version within that year, hence this release is Platform 2020.1 being the first release of Platform in 2020, rather than 5.6 as it would previously have been. 


About the author: Rob Brown

I joined Dotmatics in 2015 and have over 20 years of experience in the scientific informatics industry. I head up the Product Marketing and Product Management teams and together we are responsible for understanding our customer needs and industry trends and then making sure that those translate into the products that Dotmatics builds. In Product Marketing Andrew LeBeau brings extensive expertise in Biologics discovery and development and Max Petersen who has many years of experience in the Chemical and Materials Industries. On the product management side, Adrian Stevens is a hugely experienced scientist and product manager and has built an entire product management organization from scratch.