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What’s New in Dotmatics 5.5


The Dotmatics 5.5. release includes a major update the Dotmatics Browser user interface. The Studies screening ultra capability now supports Kinetics assays.  Significant updates have been made to Reaction Workflow.

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Browser User Interface Update

The Dotmatics Browser user interface has received a major update design to simplify the user experience

  • Icon-based menu navigation for ease of use and simplified adoption across multi-language deployments (e.g. CROs)
  • User interface is now consistent with other applications in the suite including Studies and Studies Notebook
  • Complements the updates look and feel for Browser forms that was released in Dotmatics 5.4

Reaction Workflows

Reaction workflows has been updated to improve the scope and navigation of the reaction store which contains all of the known chemistry within the system. Updates also allow the chemist to have much more fine-grained control over when reactions apply.

  • Reaction store is now organized by both known reaction categories from the literature as well as by bond type being formed/broken
  • Variants of typical reactions have been added to allow each to be more specific
  • The scope of each of the built-in reactions is now fully documented
  • Multiple reactions in a node may now be used to specify a priority reaction order
  • More detailed information when a reaction does not apply

Kinetics Assays in Studies

The screening ultra protocol type now supports the processing of kinetic assays

  • Process time-response relationships within a well
  • Data reduction produces one or more layers of data
  • Normalize/transform values for each timepoint
  • Fit data to multiple points – either global, within a defined read window or with creeping iteration