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Dotmatics is a leading global scientific informatics software and services provider, delivering solutions tailored to the modern, highly collaborative and mobile scientific environments.

Dotmatics 5.4


The Dotmatics 5.4 release contains major enhancements including a new implementation for assay data management designed to handle very large data volume assays and provide support for highly automated assay processes. Users of the notebook will find a new improved user interface to help make managing experiments as well as entering data more efficient. Chemists will benefit from significant new capabilities in the Dotmatics Elemental chemical sketcher. The search capabilities of Dotmatics Browser are extended to be able to access any online datasource available via an API. Administrators will benefit from new tools to that make it much easier to move Dotmatics Platform configurations between development and production servers.

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Screening Ultra


Screening Ultra is a new capability within the existing Dotmatics Studies assay data management application. It provides significant improvements including:

  • Designed to support today’s very high data volume assays
  • New APIs allow automated assay analysis supporting highly automated screening labs
  • New APIs for integration (e.g. import plates from a Titian inventory system)
  • Define business rules to automatically classify assay results, freeing assay scientists to focus on the important outcomes, and standardizing analysis
  • New protocol definition tools designed for biologists, without the need to know coding or scripting
  • More configuration per protocol means fewer protocols required to define assays, simplifying protocol maintenance

Refined Studies/Notebook User Experience

Dotmatics Studies and Dotmatics Studies Notebook have received major enhancements designed to improve the user experience, with a simplified look-and-feel for improved data entry and navigation

  • Icon based navigation for ease of use, and simplified adoption across multiple language deployments such as CRO collaboration notebooks
  • Clean new design for dashboards and navigation screens
  • ELN Templates now optimize available input space and minimize clicks with
    • Dynamically resizing tables that can be expanded/collapsed
    • In-line write text write up and masks
    • Smoother data refresh on edit
    • Consistent, icon driven experiment action buttons

Elemental: Enhanced Chemical Sketching

Significant improvements have been made to the Dotmatics Elementalchemical sketcher plug-in and desktop version

  • Alignment of structures based on rings, reactions etc
  • Reading CDX and CDXML files (requires connection to Dotmatics Platform server)
  • Live functional group abbreviations with expand/contract
  • Easier selection of polymer repeat units
  • Calculation of stereochemical labels for atoms (R/S) and bonds (E/Z)

Browser: Searching Web-Based Data Sources

Browser datasource configurations now support non-SQL data sources that provide API endpoints allowing researchers to easily integrate key external information and internal information in a single place. Users and administrators can

  • Search public and subscription on-line datasources
  • Configure a Browser datasource to a RESTFul API
  • Send queries over API
  • Populate forms with data returned over API

Administration: Supporting Development Servers

A wizard driven graphical interface is now available to allow system administrators to publish configurations between servers, for example allowing a streamlined rollout of new capabilities to production for example.  Administrator can more easily:

  • Publish Dotmatics Browser projects, datasource configurations and/or forms
  • Move configuration between development, test and production servers
  • Create new projects and/or datasources or merge into existing ones on the destination server
  • Utilize wizard driven user interfaces that replace database scripting and manual configuration

Configuration: Richer Out-of-the-box Projects, Forms and Templates

An out-of-the-box Dotmatics installation now comes with a number of new projects, forms and templates that address common use cases, allow new installations to become productive faster, and provide more complete starting points for configuration to customer specific workflows and views. These include

  • Dotmatics Browser

    • More out-of-the-box projects, e.g. new Bioregister project

    • Consistent icon-driven form action

    • New default search landing pages

  • Dotmatics Studies

    • Extended existing templates e.g Medchem template with Reagent, Product, Sample Requesting and Supporting Documentation tabs

    • More experiment templates e.g. Analytical Experiment

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