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Dotmatics is a leading global scientific informatics software and services provider, delivering solutions tailored to the modern, highly collaborative and mobile scientific environments.

Solving the Problem of Centralized Data Management: Combining Enterprise Informatics with Best-of-Breed Scientific Apps

Wednesday, Sep 29 2021 By Andrew LeBeau

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About the author: Andrew LeBeau

Andrew LeBeau, Ph.D., is Associate Vice President for Product Integrations at Dotmatics. He joined Dotmatics in 2017 in a biologics product marketing role, bringing more than 15 years of experience in the life sciences industry. Following the acquisition of Dotmatics by Insightful Science, Andrew now leads a Product Integration Team. This team has a broad remit to define the strategy for, and then implement, the orchestration of products across the full company portfolio, to ensure seamless support of data-driven workflows. Prior to Dotmatics, Andrew held Product Marketing and Product Management positions at Illumina and Accelrys / Biovia.