Dotmatics Solutions


Dotmatics For Antibody Discovery

As well as standard antibodies, with their conventional two heavy- and two light-chain protein sequences, there is now myriad antibody-derived therapeutic types, including bi- and tri-specifics, antibody drug conjugates, and fusion proteins, amongst a seemingly endlessly growing list of others. The Dotmatics Platform is a scientifically-literate and adaptable informatics system, that understands the nuances of antibody drugs, but which can also scale to handle the potentially large data volumes generated as part of these discovery programs.


Dotmatics For Biologics Discovery

Pharma and biotechs have greatly increased their investments in the development of a wide variety of biologics and chemically modified biologics. The Dotmatics informatics solution for biologics discovery helps research organizations run more successful and efficient projects.


Dotmatics for CAR-T Cell Therapy

Research to develop new CARs, along with associated regulatory mechanisms, is an extremely active and exciting field. CARs are artificial antigen receptors proteins, comprised of sub-domains of various naturally occurring and artificial entities. As with any new area of drug discovery research, rapid advances are being made, and agility in research programs is paramount. The Dotmatics Informatics Platform is ideally suited to support this exciting field of drug discovery.


Dotmatics for Chemically-Modified Therapeutics

A rapidly emerging trend in drug discovery is the development of biologically-based molecules that has been altered with a direct chemical modification. Most scientific informatics systems are built to handle either chemistry or biology data, but not both, causing substantial barriers for cross-functional research teams. But the Dotmatics solution for chemically-modified therapeutics provides the scientific rigor to capture the complete detail of these entities and delivers the broad set of informatics capabilities to fully support your project goals.


Dotmatics for Chemicals & Materials Innovation

To make informed decisions about their research projects, innovation scientists must be able to quickly and easily gather and curate all the relevant scientific data from within their organization and outside; visualize and apply analytics to understand the information within the data.


Dotmatics for Chemistry Design

The Dotmatics solution for chemistry design empowers medicinal and synthetic chemists with analysis tools designed from the ground-up for them. This helps them make the best-informed decisions. It can also relieve the burden on data-scientists and computational chemists, ensuring that each cycle in the discovery process can be completed as efficiently as possible.


Dotmatics For Collaborative Network Research

Today’s research projects are often carried out across collaborative networks of pharmas, biotechs, CROS and academics in a variety of arrangements from fee-for-service to joint IP discovery to large consortia. The Dotmatics informatics solution for collaborative network research is designed to facilitate successful arrangements.


Dotmatics for Decision Support

Dotmatics’ solution for Decision Support breaks down data silos, providing easy to use, integrated tools for scientists and their project teams to gather, curate, analyze and visualize their data.


Dotmatics Solution for Laboratory Informatics

Dotmatics' laboratory informatics solution allows research scientists to capture their experiments, entities, samples and tests – whether those experiments focus on small molecules and/or biologics in drug discovery, fine chemicals and agrochemicals, formulations for consumer packaged goods, foods, beverages or fragrances.


Dotmatics For Small Molecule Discovery

Dotmatics' solutions support small molecule discovery from hit and lead identification, through lead optimization, to candidate selection. Fully integrated laboratory informatics capabilities and decision support tools enable project teams be more efficient and make better informed decisions faster.

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