Assay data management and analysis

Dotmatics Studies

Dotmatics Studies is a highly flexible, innovative screening data management solution to capture and analyze all types of screening experiments from high content (HCS) and high throughput (HTS) to dose-response and DMPK studies.


What it does

  • Defines analysis protocols for plate and non-plate based assays
  • Provides out-of-the-box and custom assay protocols, curve fit calculations, plate readers, and plate layouts captured and stored for re-use
  • Supports very high data volume assays
  • Defines business rules for very automated classification of results
  • Manual or automated processing allows screening scientists to apply the screening protocols to process raw instrument and validate the results, or experiment creation and processing to be driven via an automation layer.
  • Once completed and validated, screening results are immediately available via Browser to the project team



  • Flexible – Designed for all types of study management
  • Scalable – Designed to handle today’s high data volume assays with automation and business rules making the processing huge result sets feasible
  • Visual – high performance information-rich visualizations to efficiently analyze and/or review assay experiments
  • Screening – plate and non-plate-based assays
    • %inh, IC/EC50, KI, user-defined analysis
    • In-vivo studies using document templates
    • Kinetic studies
    • Complex assays such as ELISA, MIC, HCS
  • Integrated
    • Obtains samples and plates directly from Inventory
    • Pushes data directly to Dotmatics Vortex for advanced analytics
    • Publishes results directly to Dotmatics Browser for search and reporting
    • Creates assay experiments in Dotmatics Studies directly from Dotmatics Cascade requests
    • Shares a common framework with Dotmatics Studies Notebook to manage workflow
    • Links to Dotmatics Gateway, Register and Bioregister
  • Accessible – Web-based for easy deployment with no client install. Hosted on-premise or in the cloud
  • Collaborative -  Cloud-hosted deployments support external collaborations, such as assay execution by CROs


Key Features

  • Supports a wide variety of assay types including HTS, HCS, dose-response, DMPK
  • Out-of-the-box set of assay templates, plate readers, plate layouts and calculations
  • Flexible protocol definitions
  • Captures custom definitions of plate readers, plate layouts and calculations for re-use in protocols
  • Captures all data related to an experiment, whether structured or unstructured
  • Structured workflow to analyze raw assay data including validation and optional  QA before publication of results
  • Manually define experiments, load and analyze results or drive experiment creation/analysis and result classification via RESTFul APIs from an automation layer
    RESTFul APIs allow the integration of assay data management with third party systems such as Inventory systems to obtain screening samples and plates
  • Supports in-house and outsourced assays and cross company validation workflows
  • Fully integrated in the Dotmatics suite
  • Assay results published to Dotmatics Browser so they can immediately be searched in association with corporate registry and other data sources
Our company was using a rigid biology system that needed to be upgraded. When we moved to Dotmatics Studies we were surprised by the flexibility and the ease of configuration of new protocols. We didn’t have a dedicated administrator, so the support team from Dotmatics helped us from the beginning, making sure that we were able to gather and analyze our unique assay data. Now we are proficient with the system and we truly appreciate Dotmatics’ special support with the migration of data as well as the training of our team.Head of preclinical research, Biotech company, Massachussetts, US

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