Sample and asset tracker

Dotmatics Inventory is a fully searchable sample and materials inventory that tracks chemicals, biologics, instruments and associated data across a hierarchy of locations and manages the dispensing and plating workflows, as samples are moved through an R&D process.


What it does

  • Defines a hierarchy of storage locations for an organization
  • Track samples in containers such as bottles and plates in those storage locations
  • Manages research materials, reagents and assets
  • Manages the aliquoting and dispensing workflows to distribute samples for testing
  • Maintains a full audit trail
  • Allows for searching and reporting on inventory information alongside other corporate data



  • Intelligent – Program experiments to use first-available or soon-to-expire compounds.
  • Integrated – Fully integrated with Dotmatics Register and Bioregister to capture sample and quantity information directly on registration. Integrated with Dotmatics Studies to provide samples and plates directly into screening experiments. Integrated with Dotmatics Browser and Studies Notebook to check stock inventory
  • Versatile – Manages laboratory resources including samples, reagents, plates, consumables and equipment.
  • Accessible – Web-based for easy deployment with no client install. On-premise or in-the-cloud
  • Flexible – Designed to easily map and maintain location hierarchies
  • Collaborative – Deploy in the cloud to support a single inventory tracking system across multiple partners in a collaborative research network


Key Features

  • Manage unlimited number and classes of chemicals and biologics
  • Easy-to-map hierarchical location of the samples
  • Handles barcodes
  • Integrates safety datasheets
  • Manages flexible mother/daughter plate configurations and dilutions
  • Upload single compounds or in bulk
  • Minimize stock inventory and avoid unnecessary waste
  • Alerts for compound expiration, minimum quantities and maximum freeze/thaw cycles
  • Query your inventory by any parameter: location, vendor, name, CAS Registry Number, formula, experiment, synthesis date, etc.
  • Full audit trails and reporting
  • Deploy in the cloud or on-premise 
We use Dotmatics Inventory in conjunction with Browser, Register and Studies We track not only our compounds but mainly our plates. We like the flexibility of the system and how well it interacts with the rest of the suite.Major Biotech, Belgium

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