Dotmatics 5.0

The Dotmatics Suite 5.0 contains new versions of Browser, Studies, Studies Notebook, Register, Inventory, Cascade, Elemental and the first release of ChemSelector. 5.0 has major user interface updates, as well as new infrastructure, scientific and collaboration capabilities that allow scientific teams to become more productive, and better communicate in their biologics and small molecules research, whether in-house or as part of external collaborations. It allows research IT departments to more easily integrate Dotmatics into their existing informatics landscape and minimize their total cost of ownership through ease of maintenance, minimized user training and optional deployment to the cloud

Studies Notebook: Redesigned User Interfaces

A clean, fresh user experience for all users with enhanced navigation and fewer clicks to achieve key tasks

A more intuitive user interface requires less training to support large deployments internally and to external partners

New dashboards help project managers track progress and performance

Adaptive design supports use on tablets as well as desktops & laptops

Browser: Updated User Interfaces

User interface enhancements make Browser easier to use.

Menus are separated from actions. New next record structure preview and navigation

New query browser makes it easier to find and open project and user queries and hit-lists

Enhanced table and charting capabilities

ChemSelector: Reagents and Screening Compounds

ChemSelector is an accurate and comprehensive chemical sourcing database with advanced searching. It provides access to millions of reagents and screening compounds curated by eMolecules with up-to-date availability and pricing information, and advanced searching to allow scientists to select the most appropriate reagents and screening compounds for their experiments

New Infrastructure and RESTful APIs

A new Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) allows data files generated by instruments attached to remote PCs to be automatically uploaded and available in the Notebook

New RESTful APIs allow developers to integrate Dotmatics capabilities with third party applications to provide seamless cross-vendor workflows for scientific teams

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