Discovery IT Digital Week | 2020

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Real-time data exchange and access to shared data for all partners in a research collaboration is critical to accelerating discovery and innovation projects.

Dotmatics provides a comprehensive web-based collaboration platform that enables research partners across organizations, disciplines and geographies to share and access project data in real-time, monitor progress and make informed decisions.

  • Dotmatics applications capture experiments, molecular and biologics entities, samples and assay results directly to the shared repository
  • Work-requesting capabilities and experiment transfers allow work to be requested from one team to another
  • Shared decision support tools allow common analytics and visualizations to drive cross-team decision making
It can take up to 2 days per week for my scientists to clean up data they receive from collaborators James Connelly, formerly of Sanofi speaking at BioIT a few years ago.
If pharma is going external, they need the infrastructure to support work with small companies. There are 4,200 entities doing molecular R&D in 2019. 2,000 more than 12 years ago. Many of these are sponsor companies with no Big Data infrastructure. Sketchnotes from Lab of the Future Congress by Dr Jenny Cham
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2020, 4월, 29 | 14:00 – 15:00

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