Dotmatics Materials & Chemicals Seminar | Koeln

Wondering how digital can deal with the complexity and diversity of research found in chemicals and materials R&D? How data coming from different teams, disciplines and sites can be turned into a valuable research asset?

You are cordially invited … for an introductory seminar on Effective digitalization strategies for…

  1. Designed for data-out: Powerful, flexible querying and browsing across all corporate scientific databases gives scientists access to all their data, all the time.
  2. Role-based workflows: Capture best practices and define your unique workflows in configurable templates – without the need for customized software.
  3. Collaboration:Share knowledge, simplify reporting/dashboarding and manage the information flow across teams, sites and disciplines.
  4. IT infrastructure simplification:Flexible deployment options for on-prem, cloud or hosted options simplify maintenance, provide scalability and minimize total cost of ownership (TCO).
Event Type
Dotmatics Event
4 6월 2020 09:30–16:30
Dorint Hotel am Heumarkt Pipinstrasse 1 50667 Koeln Germany

50.9354952, 6.9577695

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