NPD & Innovation in the Chemical Industry

  • Reinventing business models by moving beyond traditional product development to co-creation and partnership approach
  • Digitalization and its impact on operations, internal processes and product innovation 
  • Efficient innovation project management and ideation methods to boost innovative thinking
  • Growth through partnerships: Maximizing success by partnering with innovative start-ups
  • Interactive panel discussion on reinventing the stage gate process to optimize and accelerate innovation
  • Sustainability opportunities: Becoming a key player in the circular economy
  • Maximizing ROI with the modern, value based portfolio management
  • Practical approaches and specific innovation trends in nanotechnology, CO2, food and plastics industry
Event Type
Industry Conference
2019, 5월, 15 | 08:30 – 2019, 5월, 16 | 17:00
International Berlin Hotel, Budapester Str. 38, 10787 Berlin, Germany

52.505429, 13.338234

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