Vortex Development Cycles

By Tom Oldfield | 화요일, 10월 9, 2018 - 17:28 UTC
Vortex Development Cycles

Vortex is the desktop/web-start software for high performance graphical analysis that is designed for the chemical and life-science community.  It provides a vast number of features for any user that requires high performance graphical views of data with many different plots and displays.

The target for the development cycle of Vortex is 2 major releases each year, usually in Q1 and Q3, but additionally, there is a daily version download to any user that cannot wait for a new function to appear in the release version.  In this way Vortex is developed in a true Agile product where the developer listens to the customer and can deliver solutions within days as an upgrade to the daily version.   This also has the advantage that the developer can work with a customer via an SOW (statement of works) to improve the design of the feature using the daily version as a test base for design.

Each release of Vortex concentrates on a small number of noteworthy features to provide a new set of tools.  For example, Q1 release in 2017 concentrated on a number analytical and graphical tools for life-science; for example, the B-SAR (Biological sequence activity relationships), PCA analysis of mutations and better handling of modified residues.  The Q3 release 2017 concentrated on predictive methods and included algorithms that apply general/ordinary least square regression on multiple parametric data.  There were also Bayes classification and Bayes predictive methods with Gaussian interpolation that can be used on general data on sequence mutation data.

The Vortex team are always open to innovative ideas for graphical representation and analytical methods for any type of data; it is away worth asking.


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