A unified platform to support scientific workflows

The Dotmatics Platform is the common framework that supports the Dotmatics web-based scientific applications and allows them to work together to provide users seamless end-to-end workflows. The Platform supports managed deployments in the Cloud or self-supported deployments on premise. An open architecture enables workflows to include third-party software integration. When used together with Dotmatics Browser the Platform allows federated data access across corporate and external research data.

The Dotmatics Platform is completely unified – it provides common data models, code and architecture to support business workflows that span the capabilities of the individual applications. This is important for enterprise enablement of research organizations, providing ease of maintenance and development. It gives the lowest possible total cost of ownership compared to platforms that support their applications with less tightly integrated collections of multiple technologies and/or architectures with multiple development histories.

What it does

  • Provides the framework that supports all Dotmatics web-based scientific applications and allows them to work together to provide seamless workflows. 
  • Portal for administrators to manage users and groups, applications and configurations 
  • Provides APIs for automation and integration with 3rd party software 
  • When used in conjunction with Dotmatics Browser provide access to data from across an organization and externally 


  • A unified platform minimizes total cost of ownership  
  • Enables scientific research by linking apps to create seamless end-to-end workflows 
  • A single code base for every application across all customers ensures ease of maintenance and upgrade 
  • Provide the infrastructure to support efficient intra and inter-company collaborations, especially when deployed on the cloud 
  • Open platform allows integration with existing informatics landscape and 3rd party software 
  • Secure – protects corporate IP and allows controlled access to users, groups and applications 
  • Fast to implement and deploy 

Key Features

  • Web-based platform built on three-tier architecture
  • Provides common services to support all Dotmatics applications including user/group administration, security and sign-on, data access, scheduling,  ETL, etc.
  • Supports on-premise, private cloud or Dotmatics managed cloud deployment
  • Integration of third-party applications via web calls and APIs
  • Access to external data sources via APIs or SQL

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