Expand Business in the Asia-Pacific Region, Enhance Local Support System

[From left to right] Zsolt Lepp, Takashi Fukuyama, Bill Bailey, Rob Brown, Miura Nobuo

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2018.05.15 - English Dotmatics is a fast growing company with informatics solution in research and development, users are increasing not only in the field of drug discovery research, but also in new fields such as chemistry, oil and gas, fine chemicals. In particular, this year it expects high growth in the Asia Pacific region. Mr. Bill Bailey, vice president of the region who came to Japan for the user forum, and Mr. Robert D. Brown, vice president of product marketing, heard the strategy.

- Please tell me about recent achievements.

Mr. Bailey: Sales in 2017 increased by 35% from the previous year. We have acquired 86 new customers. With this, we will have more than 400 customers worldwide in 39 countries. By region, the United States accounts for 50% of the total, combined with the remaining 50% of Europe and Asia-Pacific. In 2017, the growth in Europe and the United States was large, but from this year I will be dedicated to this area and I want to achieve great growth. In fact, this year the Asia Pacific market is expanding at two to three times the pace of last year.

- There are also plenty of bases in the area.

Mr. Bailey: There are three direct bases in Japan and South Korea, Australia and two in New Zealand. There are two agencies in China. This time the user forum (Dotmatics Symposia 2018) also came around Seoul, Osaka, Tokyo, after passing San Francisco and Boston in the US (May), Cambridge in the UK (June), in August in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia It will be the finale.

It seems that users of non-pharmaceutical industry are also increasing.

Mr. Bailey: I'd like to target it in the Asia Pacific region including Japan. Clariant's case will be a model case. It is a chemical company that carries out a wide range of businesses such as care chemicals and synthetic resins, ultimately planning to use electronic lab notebooks (ELN) for 1,500 users by connecting with 50 sites around the world. The introduction started from last year, and the project will progress from this year to next year. If we provide good products and customers succeed, I think that will call for new customers.

Mr. Brown: Clariant is a major chemical company in Europe, so it has a lot of reaction. Because it is based on universal requirements such as web based, mobile device utilization, cloud correspondence, etc. in an attempt to migrate research done with paper and Excel to fully electronic ELN environment, non-pharmaceutical user It will be a wonderful model case for you.

Mr. Bailey: Since Dotmatics products are made with a single source code, I believe that the functions incorporated in the requirements of these non-pharmaceutical industry users will benefit pharmaceutical users as well.

- We are strengthening our development system, and in the past year we have increased the number of 16 developers to 21 people.

Mr. Brown: Since there is only one source code and not product-specific development, there is no inefficiency such as development of common functions such as user management and security for each product. So, even a small number of people can develop speedily. We agile development with customer needs priority, so we hope that more attractive features will appear.

- From the road map described in the user forum, the field of data analysis and visualization seems to be further enhanced.

Mr. Brown: In this field, "VORTEX", a sophisticated tool, is popular, but users who fully use it are limited. Therefore, I want to be able to choose the most suitable tool according to users and uses. We have already made a simple data analysis with the data query / reporting tool "BROWSER", but we have newly developed a special tool "SAR Notebook" for structural activity correlation (SAR). When a medicinal chemist performs SAR analysis, it is hard to gather the latest data first, and because I do not always use such software, I can not remember how to use it. "SAR Notebook" has navigation function and data gathers in the background, so it is possible to perform data analysis and model creation immediately when you think about it.

- That sounds convenient. Then, please tell us the strategy for the Asia-Pacific region at the end.

Mr. Bailey: This is the philosophy of Dotmatics as a whole, but that it is not radicalism. The idea is that customers will come with it if they make something good and provide it. In Australia there are also cases in which it is important to grow with customers, involvement from the startup stage, and the number of users has increased as customers' businesses expand. So, I would like to carefully support small startup companies. In particular, Asian countries are difficult to speak only English, so we will emphasize support in our native language, such as by adopting a local scientist as we do in Japan.


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