Board of Directors

Stephen Gallagher

Director and Chief Executive Officer 

Steve obtained a first degree in biochemistry and a doctorate in biophysics and molecular modelling. After completing his post-doc at Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, Steve joined Merck in 2000. While at Merck, Steve was responsible for delivering global applications in data-mining, information management, decision-support tools and text-mining. Steve left Merck in 2005 to found Dotmatics Limited.

Alastair Hill

Director and Chief Technical Officer

Alastair joined Merck in 1998 as a medicinal chemist, after obtaining his first degree in chemistry. Following a sabbatical in 2002, to take a Masters in chemoinformatics, he returned to Merck where he was responsible for developing chemical software applications, managing chemical databases and performing small-molecule modelling studies. Alastair left Merck in 2005 to found Dotmatics Limited.

Steve Powell

Board Director

Steve has been in the clinical research space for over 20 years where he has gained extensive experience in the Pharmaceutical industry, having held senior positions in finance, IT, business development, commercial and manufacturing. He is a board director at Dotmatics and the Chairman and one of the founders of MyMeds&Me. Steve was instrumental in the establishment of Phase Forward as a global leader in the provision of software as a service (SaaS) to the Pharmaceutical industry prior to its sale.

Keith Davidson

Board Director

Keith is a board director at Dotmatics and partner at Scottish Equity Partners. Keith has led and managed investments across the information technology sector and his principal focus is on software as a service (SaaS). He has held board positions in a number of fast growing, international enterprise software companies.

Ashok Bhat

Board Director

Ashok has 20+ years of experience in the Clinical R&D and Technology sectors. He started his career as an academic at St George’s Hospital Medical School where he headed up a Biostatistics and Computing Unit before taking up roles in the pharmaceutical industry including at GSK and Celltech. He then moved into the software industry with a focus on software-as-a-service, with senior roles at Phase Forward and then most recently as Global Vice President at Oracle Corporation. Ashok is a board director at Dotmatics and an advisor to a number of companies.

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