Integrated Informatics for Biologics Discovery

Pharma and biotechs have greatly increased investments into the development of a wide variety of therapeutic biologics.

But in many organizations, the informatics systems that handle biologics lag behind today's requirements. As a result scientists are over reliant on ad-hoc solutions like Excel, Documents, Sharepoint, paper notebooks and home-grown point solutions. This has created an inherent struggle to efficiently track processes, experiments, entities and leverage the huge volumes of data being produced. 

During this session the presenters will highlight the value of an integrated informatics solution, showcase customer case studies and provide insight into a biologics discovery workflow using Bio ELN, Biological Registration and Vortex Bioinformatics.

By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • The informatics capabilities that are needed to allow scientists to capture all the data from complex biologics discovery workflows.
  • How to ensure that the capabilities provided to scientific teams map to their laboratory workflows.
  • The value of a scientific team being able to access all biologics project data in one place.
  • How to provide advanced bioinformatics analysis of project data in an easy to use graphical application interface.
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