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Breaking Down the Barriers to the Lab of the Future | IQPC Report


Dr Rob Brown, VP Product Marketing at Dotmatics features in PharmaIQ report “Breaking down the barriers to the lab of the future”

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This report aims to address the challenges facing lab scientists as they attempt to turn the tide against a deluge of data and utilize intelligent lab systems.

Investment in the laboratory informatics market has been predicted to reach $80bn by 2023 with many pharma companies undertaking digital transformation initiatives across their operations.

These strategies range from the introduction of intelligent lab systems that have the potential to democratize access to data, to the integration of disparate informatics platforms in order to secure a return on investment and enable effective change management strategies in the lab.

This report, produced in collaboration with PharmaIQ, aims to answer the concerns of those working within the pharmaceutical realm who are witnessing increasing investment in precision medicine and biologics, as well growing their focus on next-generation sequencing and high-throughput screening – both of which have been fueling the rapid growth in the amount of data generated from each experiment.

As data collection and analysis within pharma redefine the function of the lab, this report addresses the challenges facing scientists as they attempt to turn the tide against a deluge of data and utilize intelligent lab systems to democratize access to data.

Download this report today to find out how lab workers can employ smart systems to support their research and how they can address the huge pressure labs face in enhancing their collaboration efforts with external research partners and improving productivity across the board.

Pharma IQ, hosts of SmartLab Digital, 11-12 March 2020