Dotmatics joins Pistoia Alliance to collaborate in the set-up of informatics standards

Dotmatics becomes member of Alliance which seeks to define the future of Life Sciences R&D information management

Bishops Stortford, UK. Dotmatics, the leading global informatics solutions provider to the pharma, biotech, chemical and academic industries announced today that it has joined the Pistoia Alliance, a global, not-for-profit alliance of Life Sciences organisations that work together to lower barriers to innovation in R&D. The Pistoia Alliance was initially formed by major global pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis and AstraZeneca, and now counts a large group of global companies, start-ups and academic organisations amongst its members.

“Dotmatics is joining our important group of core and participating members that form the heart of the Pistoia Alliance and work together to help define and deliver what we want to achieve as an organisation. I am very happy at the news that Dotmatics has joined us and I am sure it will be a win-win opportunity for all involved,” said Michael Braxenthaler, President of the Pistoia Alliance.

Within the Pistoia Alliance framework, Dotmatics plans to collaborate with the Life Sciences industry as well as other informatics solution vendors to facilitate the creation of standards, debate new ideas with the community, and help lower the barrier to innovation. The modern and agile nature of the Dotmatics Platform provides the perfect grounding for contribution to the Alliance’s objectives. Dotmatics plans to have a strong involvement in all areas of discussion including chemistry and biologicals research, data management and analysis. A topic of permanent conversation amongst Pistoia Alliance members is the implementation of cloud and mobile solutions in the Life Sciences industry. Dotmatics has extensive experience in these areas and a proven track-record of delivering cost-effective collaborative tools for organisations of all sizes.

“We have been interacting with the Pistoia Alliance for some time now but recently made the decision to become official members,” said Dr Stephen Gallagher, CEO at Dotmatics. “We believe that we can make a real contribution towards the resolutions of common issues affecting our customers and we feel that the outcome will facilitate successful collaborative engagement within the industry.”

The Dotmatics Platform is a comprehensive and mature environment that underpins all of the informatics solutions provided by Dotmatics. It is a true collaborative environment where researchers can share ideas, results and discussions in real time. Browser is the main hub of the system providing query and reporting capabilities. Studies Notebook enables users to record chemistry, biological and general data in a complaint ELN. Vortex is the premium data analysis and visualisation tool and there are various additional modular solutions which cover the entire scientific workflow.  The Platform can be deployed in local servers or in the cloud and as a mobile system by design, it enables users to work collaboratively from diverse settings.

About Dotmatics:

Dotmatics is a leading global scientific informatics software and services provider, delivering solutions tailored to the modern, highly collaborative and mobile scientific environments. The company provides solutions to several vertical markets, including the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academia, food and beverage, oil and gas and agrochemical industries. Dotmatics’ enterprise solutions are flexible, scalable and configurable, providing effective scientific information management across entire organisations, from discovery research to development and early manufacturing. Dotmatics has significant expertise in scientific informatics, including database management for chemistry and biologics, electronic laboratory notebooks, chemical and biological registration, screening data management, SAR analysis, reporting, and visualisation. Dotmatics solutions are available for local or cloud deployment and they are supported on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.  A privately owned company, Dotmatics was founded in 2005 and their headquarters is based south of Cambridge in the UK.

About the Pistoia Alliance:

The Pistoia Alliance ( is a global, not-for-profit alliance of life science companies, vendors, publishers, and academic groups that work together to lower barriers to innovation in R&D. Our projects transform R&D innovation through pre-competitive collaboration. We bring together the key constituents to identify the root causes that lead to R&D inefficiencies. We develop best practices and technology pilots to overcome common obstacles. Our members collaborate as equals on open projects that generate significant value for the worldwide life sciences community.

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