Annual Dotmatics Days in Boston and San Francisco

Industry leaders to share their experience of Dotmatics’ powered solutions

Bishops Stortford, UK. Dotmatics, a leading provider of scientific informatics solutions and services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, will host the scientific community at Dotmatics Days in the biotech hubs of Boston and San Francisco. The Dotmatics Days will feature presentations from users ranging from scientists based at small start-up biotechs to those involved in hugely collaborative, global projects within large pharmaceutical companies. The meetings will take place on 5th June at the Museum of Science in Boston and on the 12th June in San Francisco at The Embassy Suites, South San Francisco.

“We look forward to both dates which include speakers from industry leaders including Vertex, Celgene, Gilead Sciences, AstraZeneca and Genentech among several others,” commented Dr Shikha O’Brien, Head of US Operations. “Both the expansion of Dotmatics and our customer base, as well as the customer demand after the success of last year’s events, has propelled our decision to make the Dotmatics Days annual events. We look forward to an array of customer success stories including examples of real-time externalized collaboration, accessing data on demand, data visualization, and rapid analysis of antibody-drug conjugates mass spec data.” Dotmatics continues to be the leader in providing the most modern web-based platform for scientific data sharing, offering innovative solutions including BrowserStudies Notebook (ELN) and Vortex.

About Dotmatics:

Dotmatics is a leading global scientific informatics software and services provider, delivering solutions tailored to the modern, highly collaborative and mobile scientific environments. The company provides solutions to several vertical markets, including the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academia, food and beverage, oil and gas and agrochemical industries. Dotmatics’ enterprise solutions are flexible, scalable and configurable, providing effective scientific information management across entire organisations, from discovery research to development and early manufacturing. Dotmatics has significant expertise in scientific informatics, including database management for chemistry and biologics, electronic laboratory notebooks, chemical and biological registration, screening data management, SAR analysis, reporting, and visualisation. Dotmatics solutions are available for local or cloud deployment and they are supported on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.  A privately owned company, Dotmatics was founded in 2005 and their headquarters is based south of Cambridge in the UK.

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