Dotmatics announces the new release of Vortex, the most advanced scientific business intelligence and analytics solution, for Mac OS X® and Windows®

Bishops Stortford, United Kingdom, October 2nd 2012, Dotmatics Limited, a leading provider of informatics services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, today announced they have released the latest version of Vortex, their premium data analysis and visualization tool, designed for scientists working in the areas of Chemistry, Biology and Engineering.

Vortex provides researchers with the ability to load datasets with millions of data points, create high quality graphs and produce visualizations ready for presentation or publication. In addition, Vortex can consume data from Browser, Dotmatics’ flexible data query and federation platform.

The new release of Vortex integrates OpenAstexViewer™ and will enable scientists to directly visualize chemical structures and ligand complexes in 3D and 2D. Researchers can now explore their data using surface and contour plotting techniques. In addition, a new function for data aggregation has proved invaluable in spotting plate irregularities in screening campaigns. Vortex’s comprehensive and easy to use set of plots and calculations can be augmented via Python scripting. A new internal webserver allows many external applications (such as MOE™ or PyMol™) to interact directly with Vortex.

Many scientific organizations across the world are successfully using Vortex. “We are delighted to see the extensive and diverse usage of Vortex by scientists. Vortex has become the visualization and analysis tool of choice across a wide spectrum of scientific organisations from The Institute of Cancer Research UK to FujiFilm” said Dr Mike Hartshorn, Dotmatics CSO and creator of Vortex. “It has been very exciting to see the novel ways that scientists use Vortex in conjunction with their databases or as a standalone software tool.”

About Dotmatics

Dotmatics has rapidly emerged as a preferred informatics supplier to many of the world’s largest global Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Academic organisations. Dotmatics is a scientific software company deploying web-based knowledge solutions that dramatically improve the way scientific data is queried, managed and shared within companies. Dotmatics has significant expertise in Cheminformatics and Bioinformatics techniques including Chemical databases, SAR analysis, data management and data visualization. A privately owned company, Dotmatics was founded in 2005 and has its head office based south of Cambridge, UK.

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