The Cancer Pharmacology and Informatics Group at Uppsala University Selects Dotmatics Vortex to Replace Accelrys' Diva for Research Data Visualization

BISHOP'S STORTFORD, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sept. 18, 2009) - Rolf Larsson, Professor at the Department of Medical Science, Uppsala University said:

"During the past year we have gradually shifted our data analysis platform from Windows to Macintosh operating computers. In search for data visualization and analysis software for small molecule medium to high-throughput screening working in Mac OS X, I came across the Dotmatics Vortex solution. I previously used Accelrys DIVA for this purpose. The Vortex software by far exceeded my expectations. The software has an excellent user-friendly interface with very powerful and flexible data filtering capabilities and stunning data visualization/graphing options, exportable and ready for publication. The chemical functions are well integrated and allow rapid calculation of important chemical properties for subsequent determination of structure activity relationships and generation of high quality hit-lists. For large and complex datasets Vortex clearly saves much time and effort in revealing "hidden" relationships and rapidly providing specific hitlists, meeting predetermined multiple criteria for further testing and validation. For me and my research group Vortex is the perfect tool for large-scale data visualization and analysis in drug discovery."

Steve Gallagher, CEO at Dotmatics, said: "We are extremely pleased to be working with an exciting department in a prestigious university. Dotmatics has always enjoyed helping research institutions work with their important data, and we look forward to doing the same with Uppsala University"

Why is Vortex Employed For Cutting-edge Medicinal Chemistry Data Visualization?

  • Chemically aware out of the box, including structure depiction and searching
  • Built-in Kinome map viewer
  • Native support for plate based assay data
  • In-built physical property calculation engine
  • Easy to customise with Python scripting
  • Superior quality charting and analysis
  • Import files (sdf, xls, csv etc.) or pull data from databases and web services
  • Support for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Direct export to Microsoft PowerPoint

Vortex was selected by Uppsala University, Department of Information Science to provide data visualization solutions for their research team. Vortex was selected as it is more flexible, intuitive and time-saving than the previously used solution from Accelrys.

Why is Dotmatics Chosen by Leading Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies?

Our web-based knowledge solutions dramatically improve the way scientific data is queried, browsed, managed, shared and visualised within companies. Dotmatics has significant expertise in cheminformatics techniques including chemical databases, SAR analysis, data management and data visualization. Overall we enhance the strategic decision making process, saving time and money whilst enriching the day to day lives of research scientists.

The Dotmatics suite includes:

Browser- a query and visualization tool for biological and chemical datasets.

Pinpoint(1)- an Oracle cartridge allowing rapid indexing and searching of chemical databases.

Gateway- a centralised depot for sharing information with colleagues and external collaborators.

Nucleus- a web-based tool for importing, mapping and storing data from existing sources.

Register- a web-based tool for single and batch compound registration. For further information please visit


(1) Pinpoint is developed in collaboration with Astex Therapeutics Ltd

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