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Dotmatics는 남들보다 앞서 생각하고, 주도적이며, 그에 걸맞는 뛰어난 결과를 위해 최선을 다하고 있습니다. Dotmatics와 함께 커리어를 쌓아가실 인재들의 지원을 기다립니다.

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Our values

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We are bold in the aspirations and goals we have for ourselves and our customers

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We all have a voice - our ideas and feedback are listened to

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Teamwork is central to what we do and how we do it

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We strive to be smart by always reflecting on better and more innovative solutions

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We are led by trust and integrity which inspires us all to do the same

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We work hard and are committed to delivering excellence, in return we are valued and rewarded.

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"Dotmatics is an exciting and dynamic organisation to work for, with colleagues always willing to support you. The breadth of areas which our solutions cover means that there is always plenty of variety in my contact with customers, and though it can be challenging to understand some of the information, I feel that my skills and knowledge are constantly being developed."

Scott Mitchell, Account Manager

"I like working in Dotmatics because you feel to be part of something which goes beyond individuals. Dotmatics means family, it means trust, it means people virtues. In a word, it means home."

Matteo Mangioni, Application Scientist

"I have worked for Dotmatics for over 6 years and I can say that throughout this time Dotmatics has managed to maintain the culture from the directors and down through the organisation, if you need help people will bend over backwards to help you. Everyone from Developers, Account Managers to Application Scientists truly do care about our customers being successful."

Justin Wax, Senior Account Manager

"I love working at Dotmatics because it is a company that gets things done! The company listens to the ideas of everyone in the organisation regardless of how senior or junior they may be. Dotmatics takes the great ideas from our staff and our customers and put them into reality both to deliver fantastic products, but also in the culture that we foster throughout the organisation"

Alister Campbell, Head of Application Science

"Starting directly from the owners, the entire organization, cares about empowering all of our employees to be successful in their positions. The company is constantly looking for ways to improve the organization, our products and our client relationships - this is the heart of Dotmatics. It is a fun, hardworking environment where everyone works as a team and all are focused on being a world class provider of informatics software solutions."

Margaret DiFilippo, VP Operations, North America

"Why I like working for Dotmatics: I feel I am part of a friendly, professional and approachable HR Team who all come from a diverse working background. The team work well together sharing ideas and always striving to put best practices in place to make Dotmatics a great place to work."

Linda Eynon, HR & Payroll Business Partner

"I like working for Dotmatics because it is full of interesting and dedicated people who are trying to make scientists lives easier by providing really great software which enables them to do their jobs more easily. Everyone is very friendly and keen to support each other to do the best possible job. I really like it here."

Richard Jones, European Head of PMO

“I like working at Dotmatics, it is a lot of fun! I get to work alongside a diverse group of people from a wide range of backgrounds and locations, which I really enjoy. The environment in which Dotmatics can be found is challenging and allows for a huge amount of self-development and deployment, which is highly appreciated.”

Yuri De Lugt, Account Manager

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