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Dotmatics and BioBright | Two weeks on

Monday, Jul 13 2020 By Stephen Gallagher


It’s been an eventful week or two for Dotmatics. On June 25th we announced our acquisition of BioBright, a leading lab data automation company based in Boston, MA. This was a momentous day for Dotmatics, and our team have been thrilled by the level of interest and support from our global customers.

Congrats to the whole Dotmatics team!

Awesome news!

Time to celebrate and get excited for the possibilities this new adventure holds!

Congrats on the acquisition… a lot of hard work and a great addition to the portfolio!

A very cool and exciting milestone for both companies and the field as a whole!

This is exciting news and I look forward to learning more.

Since Alastair and I first founded Dotmatics back in 2005, we have continuously grown, adapted and innovated to serve our scientific research customers as their needs have expanded and changed. In 2017 we took outside investment from growth equity firm Scottish Equity Partners (SEP) to help rapidly expand the company faster and further, and we have had tremendous growth in the last few years. To us, the acquisition of BioBright was the next logical step in Dotmatics’ journey, because it allows us to deliver a critical new capability to our customers, in the most expedient way.

We have all seen that all research organizations have begun to adopt a more data-centric approach to research vs the more traditional process-driven methods of the past. Scientific decisions, increasingly aided by AI/ML models, are being based on rich, abundant datasets, and it is clear that organizations with the cleanest, most comprehensive and well annotated data stand the best chance of success. BioBright’s ability to automate the collection, storage and annotation of research data, whether from internal instrumentation or from CRO collaboration, is critical to ensuring clean, comprehensive data is captured in the most efficient manner possible. When you can then seamlessly feed that data into Dotmatics’ ELN and screening solutions, you really begin to accelerate your workflows and enhance your data quality.

As we performed our due-diligence on how to deliver lab data automation to our customers, we were immediately struck by how good a fit BioBright was with Dotmatics. Not only does it deliver the exact data automation solution we’d been looking for, but it also brings other exciting solutions as diverse as bioreactor monitoring and voice control of medical devices. What’s more, the fit isn’t just on the product side. Through this acquisition, we will see an influx of invaluable technical expertise in areas such as security, AI/ML, data lakes and voice processing. And finally, we saw a hardworking team of individuals, with impressive experience from some of the best laboratories including MIT, Harvard, Cornell, IBM and Ginkgo Bioworks, who we felt could rapidly integrate within the Dotmatics culture and way of working.

So, I’d like to end this blog by welcoming the entire BioBright team to Dotmatics. We look forward to working together to create a game-changing solution for our customers’ journey towards the Lab of the Future. Watch this space…


About the author: Stephen Gallagher

Steve obtained a first degree in biochemistry and a doctorate in biophysics and molecular modelling. After completing his post-doc at Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, Steve joined Merck in 2000. While at Merck, Steve was responsible for delivering global applications in data-mining, information management, decision-support tools and text-mining. Steve left Merck in 2005 to found Dotmatics Limited.