Key Topics:

  • ICL’s innovation strategies in a conservative chemical industry in such volatile times

  • Hear how DOW is decreasing its fossil dependency and reducing CO2 emissions through alternative energy sources

  • Novozymes top to down approach on creating and piloting an NPD strategy and knowing where to invest the resources available

  • China: Hearing from and joining forces with a market in peak growth other than Europe

  • Industry 4.0 and the future of the chemical industry and its smart factories

  • Innovation in adjacent areas to complement the role of chemistry with other competences such as Biology and the study of nature

  • Corporate entrepreneurialship within the company to encourage NPD and innovation

  • Insights on the process of a startup working with a corporate company and the steps to follow

  • Dupont’s integration of the EU’s ‘Greening’ movement & SDG’s in the chemical industry focusing on alternative innovation solutions

Industry Conference
2020, 11月, 10 | 09:00 – 2020, 11月, 11 | 17:00
Berlin, Germany

52.5200066, 13.404954

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