R&D Digitalization and Data intelligence Strategies for Flavors and Fragrances | ACS Fall 2020 Meeting (Virtual)

R&D digitalization has promise to greatly accelerate innovation rates. Especially data analytics and data-driven approaches to supplement traditional lab experimentation are attracting lots of interest. A major obstacle to this vision is the general lack of availability of data in a curated and contextualized form. This is despite many organizations investing into technologies to digitalize experimental data capture and move traditional paper-based lab notebooks to their digital counterparts.

Data intelligence fills the gap between R&D IT infrastructure designed for data capture and the scientist’s need to extract these data in a meaningful way. This talk covers an approach that combines data federation, contextualization and out-of-the-box scientific domain models to solve various complex data extraction use cases.

Max Petersen, our AVP of Chemicals & Materials examines the importance of digital transformation in chemical R&D to facilitate the search for new materials.

This talk will be available for download on-demand.

Industry Conference
2020, 8月, 17 | 09:30 – 2020, 8月, 20 | 17:30

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