MRS Fall

The increasingly cross-disciplinary worldwide activity in materials research manifests itself every year in the MRS Fall Meetings. Featuring over 50 symposia and attended by as many as 6,000 researchers from every corner of the globe, the annual Fall Meeting in Boston’s Hynes Convention Center and Sheraton Boston Hotel is the preeminent annual event for those in the field of materials research.

Join our very own Max Petersen, Associate VP of Chemicals & Materials Marketing, Dotmatics for a talk on:

Data Automation and Data Intelligence for Data-Driven R&D

Data-driven R&D, especially machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), are receiving lots of attention as avenues to accelerate new product development and to avoid/supplement costly lab experimentation. The pre-requisite for all these approaches is of course the availability of reliable high-quality data. However in real-life AI/ML projects an excess of time is spent aggregating and curating data, leading inevitably to dirty datasets and poor prediction results. Sadly, the IT infrastructure required to automate the provision of clean and properly contextualized data is often an afterthought.

Materials Theory, Characterization and Data Science > F.MT07—Data Science and Automation to Accelerate Materials Development and Discovery

Industry Conference
2020, 12月, 1 | 09:00 – 2020, 12月, 3 | 17:30

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